Blue Zushi Strain

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Blue Zushi Strain

Blue Zushi strain is available in stock for sale at Buy Zushi Online at the best price. This weed strain is a pretty, Indica-dominant hybrid (60/40) that offers a mellow. Moreover, it has mid-range THC content for a comfortable high. This strain isn’t for people who want their lights punched out by a high-level high to regulate a jagged mood or sedate a troubled mind. This Zushi strain is like herbal tea with a pleasant outdoorsy aroma, giving you a comfy, uplifting push into a much calmer state. Feel free to use the Blue Zushi strain in the morning for a lift of energy at the start of your day. This is a great strain for beginners or those that just want to relax without going too high.

Blue Zushi Strain Specifications:

You might be drawn in by Blue Zushi strain’s captivating appearance, high and taste. Which welcomes you in with fluffy nugs and the unmistakable scent of pine. Moreover, you might also pick up whiffs of mint and spicy herbal undertones as you pull the nugs apart, followed by that homey, wintry pine. They’re deep green and blue under bright orange hairs, kind of a match for the wintry smells you’ll be getting. Even the white trichomes trail off into a cold, light blue. The scent and appearance bring to mind winter mornings in the forested mountains, a great prequel to the uplifting high that awaits you.

The piney, earthy, and spicy-flowery taste hits you first. Moreover, the Blue Zushi strain has THC level of 13-20%, and its high doesn’t pack an immediate punch, it’ll catch up to you. You’ll feel it wash over you for a while and then lift you. Blue Zushi gives you a spring of energy. This is why it’s best to take it in the morning or when you feel yourself winding down too early in the middle of the day. Additionally, energetic, euphoric, and relaxing, Blue Zushi offers those who need a boost of energy a little spark.

Types of Effects after Smoking Blue Zushi Strain:

The effects of smoking the Blue Zushi which is available for sale at, can be quite unpredictable. You may feel relaxed and happy, with amazing taste, feel and increase in appetite. On the other hand, there are other things you might not be expecting with its use. It includes rapid heart rate and other unpleasant symptoms.

  • Anxiety and paranoia
  • Difficulty in thinking
  • Impaired memory
  • Lack of attention and focus
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Inability to shift attention normally
  • Poor driving skills
  • Lack of motivation
  • Poor short-term memory recall

How does Blue Zushi Weed Strain Taste like?

Blue Zushi tastes like the flavor of earthy and sweet flowers, also it feels like a mellow herbal taste on the tongue. The Blue Zushi’s high effect is slow at first, then you will tend to have uplifting, energizing effects. Depending on your past weed strain consumption history, it can assist in getting stuff done. For example, people who like to work out or accomplish tasks while high.

Blue Zushi Strain Price:

The price of Blue Zushi Strain depends on the quantity you want to get. One ounce of Blue Zushi can cost you $290, and you can buy up to one pound, which will cost you $1,750. Feel free to contact us to buy Blue Zushi weed strain with the best quality. more details about pricing and shipment.

Where to Buy Blue Zushi Online from? weed store offers the best quality zushi weed strain. Feel free to contact us to buy Blue Zushi weed strain with the best quality. Contact our team for more details about pricing and shipment.

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2 reviews for Blue Zushi Strain

  1. James

    Blue Zushi strain is the only weed strain we smoke. I & my friends are regular clients of zushi store, we always count on thier fast delivery.

  2. Frank

    This zushi strain is as amazing as I heard about it. The feel after smoking this strain was really amazing. Thanks

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